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Our chalets were designed and constructed entirely with local wood in the workshops of "BALLARIO" located in St Juery, Tarn.

All chalets are equipped with a mini-kitchen, a living room, 2 bedrooms and 1 full bathroom (toilet, sink and shower). They also include an open porch and one storage closet. The kitchen is fully equipped with heating plate, microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker, water boiler, complete 6-person dish set and utensils.
The rooms are equipped with 1 queen bed, 2 twin beds and one Sofa convertible to a queen bed. Included are pillows, blankets and duvets/comforters.
Bed sheets are not included.
Chalets are available in 4 sizes:

CharlayBlueprint Blueprint
"Charlay" 35 m²
380 sq ft
4/6 people
TahoeBlueprint Blueprint
"Tahoe" 30 m²
323 sq ft
4/6 people
ForesterBlueprint Blueprint
"Forester" 28 m²
300 sq ft
4/6 people
FarnienteBlueprint Blueprint
"Farniente" 24 m²
260 sq ft
2/4 people

A room with 2 twin beds

A view of the kitchen from the living room

Thanks to high quality wood structure, enhanced insulation and heat convectors present in every room, our chalets are well equipped to offer maximum comfort throughout the year.

Chalet amidst snow
A chalet amidst snow

To make sure we offer the best stay for everyone, one of our chalets has been specially adapted for disabled guests in addition to being able to host non-disabled people.

Chalet PMR
Our specially adapted chalet

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